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Far West PACE Team 2015
Masters Scholarship Recipients

Far West Fall Convention Wrap Up

Congratulations Scholarship Winner
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USSA updated Equipment Guidelines passed by USSA 10.10.14

Far West Ski Team 2015

Understanding the U Class System
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November 21, 2014
Far West 2015 PACE Team

Congratulations  to the 2015 Far West Pace Team! The Pace Team is made up of 5 ladies and 7 gents. The ladies have below 70 points in two disciplines and the gents have below 50 points in two disciplines. These athletes will be in attendance to at least 6 USSA starts during the 2015 competition season. Many of these athletes started their competition season this past weekend at the Mammoth Open Series GS event.

Arnason  Andri                   Curtolo  Francesca          
Jazbec  Jaka                     Klaesson  Caroline          
Lund  Erik                       Kosi  Mihaela               
Neeson  Finlay                   Norton Nikita
O'Brien  Cannon                  Palic  Tea                  
Roald  Viking                       
Stuerz  Elias                       

November 21, 2014
Far West Masters Scholarship Recipients

The Far West Masters Scholarship Program  started in 1992.  Over the past 23 years more than $800,000 has been distributed to Far West Ski Racing athletes.  All funds go directly to athletes, administrative activities are done on a volunteer basis, so there is no overhead.

A majority of sponsored athletes go on to college, many on ski and scholastic scholarships.  The US Ski Team currently has many scholarship alumni currently competing including Marco Sullivan, Stacey Cook, Tim Jitloff, Travis Ganong,Mark Engel, and Lila Lapanja.

In addition, the Jeff Wattenmaker  scholarship endowment allows us to award a $10,000 college scholarship yearly to one of our outstanding young athletes in the program. 

Other benefits of the program include:
An opportunity to attend the Masters pre season training camp at Copper Mtn.

It funds the concussion awareness program that includes purchasing and making available to all Far West junior athletes the IMPACT baseline cognitive test which helps assess head injuries and when it is safe for an athlete to return to sport.

Our young racers earn their scholarships based on a combination of (and in order of importance) citizenship, exemplary work ethic, academic scholarship, financial need, and ski racing potential. In turn, they must forerun one of the Masters races and speak at that day's awards ceremony.  It's always fun to see these hot juniors tear up our courses, and equally impressive to listen to them talk about their goals and desires.

This year we awarded scholarships to $27,000 to 40 athletes they are







Felger, Casey


Jayne, Cody


McClure, Scott




Yguico, Eva




Louis, Haley

Sugar Bowl

Maiden, Emma


Meyer, Rachel

Diamond Peak

Snelbaker, Sydney


Staudenmayer, Hyla


Taylor, Laurel

Diamond Peak



Anderson, Lachlan


Early, Quinn


Foulke, Ryan




Wingard, Max





Sugar Bowl

Brown, Katherine




Lebel, Maureen




Fourie, JP

Sugar Bowl

Rodarte, Luke

Sugar Bowl

Wehsener, Jimmy






Auer, Sarah

Sugar Bowl

Bickert, Maia


English, Francesca




Keller, Lauren

Diamond Peak

MacGregor, Kayleigh


Maidman, Erin


Oakley, Katherine

Mt Rose

Rescigno, Megan

Mt Rose





Cooper, Michael

Sugar Bowl

DeAngelis, Logan




Standteiner, Tenaya




Lebel, Scotty


Wilson, Cody





US Ski Team

Engel, Mark

US Ski Team



























































November 13, 2014
Fall Convention Wrap Up

Thank you for joining us during the first Far West Fall Convention. We look forward to hosting further sessions for our families in the coming years. The challenge will be to find the best weekend that fits for our athletes, parents, coaches and officials.

Here's a quick look at some of the weekend fun!

Club Devvelopment PPT presentation, by Brian Krill

Long Term Athlete Development Presentation, by Brian Krill

Convention Sign


                     Brian Krill. USSA                 Jim Schaffner      
                         BRIAN KRILL, USSA                                     JIM SCHAFFNER, START HAUS

                Jacobs. Howard                                 Assessments

              Viking                           Coaches Education  



November 8, 2014
Congratulation to Far West Scholarship Winners

Dave Van Ruiten Memorial Scholarship – 1 recipient
Addison Dvoracek, with the Squaw Valley Ski Team, enjoys fly fishing, rock climbing, playing tennis and water skiing in his free time. This season his goals include making top 15 at the US Nationals along with qualifying for Junior Worlds. “A very realistic goal, but will be challenging,” says Addison.
Congratulations to Addison on being the Dave Van Ruiten Scholarship recipient for the 2015 season!

Rick Hom Memorial Scholarship – 2 recipients

Maia Bickert is a 2nd year U18 skiing for Heavenly Ski  Foundation. Maia is in her senior year at South Tahoe High School where she has been able to maintain a 4.2 GPA while skiing, along with other activities. She loves to play soccer, run, mountain bike, hike, surf, waterski and swim. She has many goals for the upcoming year and has this to say about her love for ski racing: “From the adrenaline rush of banging slalom gates and the whoosh of downhill, to the life long relationships and memories made, I love all aspects of ski racing!”

Francesca English is a 2nd year U18 racing for Squaw Valley Ski Team. Francesca has been working hard all summer on her physical and mental strength as this will provide her the confidence needed to really push herself this season. She states “more strength will help me thrive in National Junior Races and Nor Am level races, not just survive.”  Francesca has always attended public school and trained 6 days a week. Last year she completed both her junior and senior year of high school in one year in order to graduate one full year early and further pursue her ski racing career.

Matthew Trabert Memorial Scholarship – 1 recipient
Michael Cooper is a 2nd year U18 from Sugar Bowl Academy that has set two kinds of goals for the upcoming season; non-results based and performance based goals. Remaining positive, and enjoying the process, along with top results at U18 Nationals in both speed and tech. Academically Michael has set goals for his AP classes, SAT tests and GPA for the upcoming year. “
These will be challenging goals (academically), but I have no doubt that if I work hard enough, I can achieve them.”

Bobbie Sprock Memorial Scholarship – 8 Recipients
Pilar Alvarez is a first year U18 with Sugar Bowl Academy. “
One of my biggest goals is to have a strong start to my first FIS year by working hard in the gym all fall and then translating that hard work onto snow in Colorado camp and at my first race in November. My ultimate objective for this year is to make it to U18 nationals.” Along with skiing, Pilar enjoys writing and is working to have a writing piece of hers do well in a writing competition. When not on the hill or working out for conditioning you can find Pilar volunteering with the Humane Society.

JP Fourie is a first year U18 athlete racing with the Sugar Bowl Academy.  Many things excite me about ski racing; from the moment I step into the gate, to when I cross the finish line. I think the most exciting part is when I start. I am on deck; my adrenaline is going off the charts, I feel butterflies in my stomach; yet at the same time I feel so calm and prepared. The moment I step into the gate, I know I'm ready; all I want to do is destroy the course and make it my own. The butterflies are gone and in that moment I'm at complete peace knowing I've put in all the hard work needed and the only thing between me and achieving my goal for the day; is the course. I control everything from this point on; no one else can make an impact on what happens when the wand opens, nothing matters, but skiing to the best of my ability. That moment, is the moment I live for.”

Sabrina Futral is a 2nd year U18 that skis for Northstar Race Team. Sabrina “loves to go fast and feel the wind all around her, and loves the adrenaline and how competitive the sport is.” Sabrina is grateful for the ski racing community that Far West has created. Sabrina looks to lower her points this season along with qualifying for U18 Nationals.

Maureen Lebel is a first year U18 that traveled with the National Training Group to Europe, attended the U16 Nationals and won the Slalom and SG at the U16 Regionals during the 2014 season. Her ski racing objectives for the upcoming season are to race Nor Ams, lower her FIS points in GS and SL to the high twenties or low thirties. When Mo is not skiing she loves to surf, mountain bike, road bike, climb and dirt bike.

Kye Moffat is a first year U21 skiing for Squaw Valley. This year Kye has three major goals: first to have fun, second to improve his points so to race Carnivals in college, and finally to qualify for US Nationals. When I am on the hill, I am constantly challenged both physically and mentally. Therefore every day is a new chance to improve and pursue my goals.”

Tenaya Standteiner is a first year U21 skiing for Squaw Valley and has these words to share about ski racing. “Ski racing is a roller coaster ride, and there is no way of knowing what is going to happen in any athlete’s future. While this is a bone chillingly terrifying thought to any racer, it is also exciting. There is nothing we can do about the unknown, but train and put in the amount of work it takes to accomplish our goals. If we train hard enough, and want it bad enough, there is a good chance we will achieve.”

Natalie Williams is a 2nd year U18 with the Sugar Bowl Academy that gets excited about skiing starting with the ‘thought of her ski boots clicking into her bindings makes her hear beat a little faster.’ Many of Natalie’s goals for the upcoming season are based around the mental aspect of skiing, ‘sending it downhill with confidence not matter what terrain, weather, or situation may be.’ Natalie is always up for a good soccer scrimmage, mountain bike ride, or can be found creating recap movies of recent events, trips or vacations.

Cody Wilson is in his second year with the US National Training Group that “loves the speed of ski racing, the freedom it gives him and especially loves the people that he meets and the places he visits all over the world.” Cody is striving to meet his goals of making the US Ski Team, make World Juniors in Norway, and FIS wins in SG and DH.



October 22, 2014
Far West Bib Orders are now open - Required by all FW athletes

The 2014-2015 Season Far West Skiing Bibs are now open. Every Far West athlete must have the 14-15 season bib.  Please follow the directions below to complete your order:

1. your USSA.Far West membership must be completed.
2. Click on "Click here for Race Registration, Bib Orders" at the top of this page.
3. From the drop down menu please choose "bib-Far West" (do not choose the club you ski for)
4. click on the big green button labeled 'register now.'
5. type in your athletes USSA number*, beginning with the F (stands for Far West).
6. confirm that your athlete is the one listed at the top and hit continue to register.
7. agree to the race event requirements and click on add to cart.
8. you will need to complete all of boxes as listed on alpinereg and finish off by completing the payment section.
*if you come with a red lettered note after entering your athletes USSA number then the system has not been updated since you completed your athletes membership. If you are having difficulties with this section please contact alpinereg by choosing the 'contact us' button in the corner.

Bibs will be distributed to the clubs or to coaches at team captains meetings. They are not shipped directly to each athlete.


FW Bib 2015



October 10, 2014
Far West Ski Team and Far West Development Team 2014-15

Congratulations to the 2015 Far West Ski Team. These athletes are honored as the top athletes participating in full time Far West programs. Athletes hold points below 80 points in two disciplines as a female, and below 70 points in two disciplines as a male. Many of these athletes have placed at the top during WR JR Champs, U18 Nationals, and U16 Jr Championships.
Athletes receive complimentary entries and lifts to Open Series USSA events held in the Far West, along with a Far West Ski Team jacket. We look forward to seeing the following athletes representing the Far West to their best potential during the 14.15 season.

Click here to see pictures and names of these outstanding athletes.

The Far West Development Team is a list of U14 and U16 athletes that have placed at the top of their class during the previous competition season. Based on the U16 Wild West Series Standings, and the U14 Championship Results, these athletes are named to the Far West Development Team, as a recognition based team.

U14 Development Team

U16 Development Team  
Girls Boys
Ladies Men
Belle Johnson Seth Tyler Olivieri   Maureen Lebel Karl Arivdsson
Zazie Huml Calvin Barrett   Keely Cashman JP Fourie
Eva Yguico Cole Williams   Kathleen Smith Luke Rodarte
Mack Carkeet Dashiell Prince-Judd   Annika Hansen Cody Underkoffler
Magnolia Neu        

October 3, 2014
FW Fall Convention November 8th Athlete Assessments, Parent Communication Sessions
We are excited to announce the first Far West Fall Convention focusing on parents, athletes, along with coaches and officials.


Athlete Physical Assessments, lunch and forums: Saturday, November 8th8:00-noon for U14 and older, with lunch provided
   Physical Assessments are part of the USSA Skills Quest Program and measure fundamental motor skills and various      fitness components used in alpine skiing. The results from the tests allow coaches to monitor fitness progression of      young skiers and implement specific training programs based on their individual strength and weaknesses.

   Athletes on the WEST team, and planning on participating in Regional Projects are required to partake in     assessments each year. Athletes are highly encouraged starting at the U14 age class, especially from 2nd year U14     and older, to complete assessments each year to measure growth of strength, flexibility and fitness.
   8am check in, completion around noon at Squaw Valley's Olympic House, upstairs. Please wear work out clothes,     good shoes, bring a snack and water. 

   11:30 - lunch in Bar 1 of the Olympic House
   12:30 - Athlete forum, movie clips and more in the Palisades Room

Parent Communications: 8:30-3:30  - no worries, we have brought in great presenters, with power topics for parents, too!!! These free sessions will be held in the Alpenglow Room in the Squaw Valley Village.
  8:30 - 12:00 and 1:00-3:30  (lunch included at 12:00, with an RSVP by November 3rd)
      8:30 Club Development
      9:30 I Don't Take Steroids, How did I test positive? Strategies to avoid inadvertent Anti-Doping
      10:30 Long Term Athlete Development
      12:30 Boot Power Hour
      2:00 Race Event 101, What Happens on Race Day

Discounted lodging block available online by clicking here or by calling 888.767.1907 and booking with FW Skiing Fall Conference.


The assessments and parent communication sessions are funded by the Far West Board of Directors.


October 3, 2014
FW Fall Convention November 8th-9th Officials Education and Certification

The Far West Officials Clinics will be held in conjunction with the 2014 FW Fall Convention at Squaw Valley.
An update is required every other year in order to maintain your officials status.

Saturday, November 8th (CO and DM only)
First time officials must attend the 'Race Event 101' course at 2:00pm in the Alpenglow Room
Race Administrators: if you do not hold a current Data Management Certification, you must attend the 4:00pm DM course

Sunday, November 9th - Officials Education (all clinics and certifications)
7:30-8:00am Check in and late registration in the Alpenglow Room at East end of Squaw Village
8:00-9:00am - Alpine Update
9:00-3:00pm - course updates and certifications
Lunch locations will be available in The Squaw Village.

How do I check my current certification levels or last clinic date?
Log into your MyUSSA account, and scroll down to see you coaching and official certification and race history.
Click here for certification guidelines, aka 'the track to the next level'
Questions: contact Lucy in the Far West Office, or 530.559.4130


Discounted lodging block available online by clicking here or by calling 888.767.1907 and booking with FW Skiing Fall Conference.

These Far West Officials Clinics are partially funded by the Far West Board of Directors.

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