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Far West Speed Elements Camp - Dates and Selections announced
Special Award Recipients and Grand Prix Scholarship Winners
Far West Board of Directors Agenda: Meeting Friday, April 25th

U10.U12 Championships Wrap Up
U14 Championships Wrap Up
U16 Championships Wrap Up

Jeff Wattenmaker Scholarship
FWSA Scholarship
nderstanding the U Class System
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April 24, 2014
Far West Speed Elements Camp

The Far West is excited to announce the joining of forces with the Stacey Cook camp for the upcoming Speed Elements Camp. Camp will be held May 24-26th at Mammoth Mountain. Staffing will include Far West Coaches, plus US Ski Team athletes Stacey Cooke, Steve Nyman, TJ Lanning and Marco Sullivan.

Selections are based on attendance to the U16 Jr Championships and the U14 performance camp. Any further athletes need to have a discretionary request made by their coach to the Far West office (

Registration package will be posted soon! Block out the dates now, and get ready to 'fly'!

This event is financially supported by the Far West Board of directors via the Performance Fund Drive, bib sponsorship and the Far West Gala event.

Men's Selections

Ladies Selections

April 21, 2014
2014 Special Awards and Grand Prix Scholarship Recipients

The Bobby Mehrhof award recognizes a U16 boy and U16 girl that value friendships and displays a love for the sport .

U16 Boy – JP Fourie of Sugar Bowl Ski Team Academy, completed the U16 qualifiers with the highest overall point standings for the 9 races, with 4 first place finishes. With strong finishes at the U16 Championships JP was invited to attend the U16 Nationals in Park City, UT. JP is enthusiastic and his love for the sport shines. Unfortunately JP is not with us today as he is traveling.

U16 Girl – Maureen Lebel of Lake Tahoe Racing, continues to dominate the U16’s ladies. Winning all 5 qualifiers she attended, and a successful trip to Europe with the Western Region, she won the U16 Championship SG in Jackson. Maureen loves to ski and shares that contagious love with everyone that she skis or trains with.

Jill Kinmont award recognizes outstanding performance from a SR.
Male – Travis Ganong USST.

Female –  Julia Mancuso, USST

Jinny Glass award recognizes outstanding performance from a Junior (U18. U21)

Male – Erik Arvidsson: This season Erik Arvidsson has arguably been the most dominant junior athlete in the Nation let alone the Western Region and the Far West Division.  He has worked tirelessly from May of 2013 right up to the present in preparing himself to achieve excellence at every aspect of his ski racing.  He participated in SVST and USST D Team on snow and conditioning projects through the prep period.  When he was at home in school he made time each day for his conditioning program and executed it to the fullest.

This hard work paid off in the competition season.  Erik participated in the full slate of NorAm races while balancing Regional FIS races.  He performed at every level.  While he started slowly in the technical disciplines at NorAms he quickly went from merely qualifying for second runs to scoring NorAm points.  While he did not see the junior podium he was very close on a number of occasions and finished as the top American YOB 1996 athlete every race he qualified in.  His success in the speed events, though slowed by a mid-season injury, was equally great.  He twice scored Nor Am points in SG (in only 4 starts) and was just outside in the 2 DHs he started. 

At the end of the season Erik finished 91st in the overall NorAm standings- 90th in SL, 51st in GS and 42nd in SG.  He was the highest ranked junior from any nation to not be on any National Team. 

Erik qualified for US National Alpine Championships and U18 Nationals Championships.  He defended his 2013 U18 SL National Championship in 2014.

This season Erik won the Kyle Warren Trophy which is given to the overall winner of the WR Elite FIS Series.  He also won the GS title for this series.Erik is currently ranked within the top 10 in the world in 3 disciplines in his age group. 

An outstanding skier and an outstanding individual.

Female – Natalie Riffel

All mountains have the one child that everyone knows; the employees, the families, the athletes and the coaches. They are the kids that you have to kick out of the team room or lodge because it’s dark out, it’s time to go home but they still remain, because to them, they are home.  The mountain environment is what they know, it’s what they love, it’s who they are.   The mountain always has been and always will be their figurative babysitter.  They know the short cuts, the secret doors, how to get this, where to get that.  Mammoth’s child is Bubby Riffel.

Bubby has a strong desire to be the best, though that attitude does not always present itself outright, you know based solely on her actions.  She is a self-starter, a leader amongst her peers and will succeed in anything she does.  At present, that’s skiing and her dedication to our rigorous dryland program will undoubtedly pay off this season, rewarding her with the results and rankings she’s reaching for.

Bubby is not only a quiet competitor but a delight to be around.  She constantly has a positive attitude, a smile on her face and has a genuine love of life.  Our Ski Team is highly involved with the community.  Bubby participates in numerous mountain and trail clean up days and also volunteers at Eastern Sierra Disabled Sports.  Whatever the challenge or hardship, Bubby will rise to the occasion and accept whatever is presented. 

Thank you for awarding Bubby Riffle the Jinny Glass award.  She is a worthy recipient.

Far West Volunteer of the Year is the only award voted on by the FWBOD.

The Abbott family continues to donate countless hours to the Far West Program in fundraising, helping with the bibs, and promoting Far West Skiing in the community!
Diana put together a helping hands program this year that brought awareness that the ski racing community is able to give back to those in need.

Jo works on bib labeling with Lucy, organizing the fundraising dinner, prepares, labels and mails the performance fund drive letter campaign amongst running the errands for all of Paul’s fundraising dreams!

Paul has moved into the board President position, yet continues to work a great deal in the fundraising area. He was the organizer of the Far West tent at US Nationals where he stood each day to speak with families about supporting our athletes, fundraising and bringing positive attention to our division! One of Paul’s main focus’ is for Far West to fund the development and help offset the high costs of success in this sport!

Team Abbott is a valuable crew in the Far West Skiing community and we are thankful for their many hours and donations to make this the best in the west!

Rookie Coach of the Year this award recognizes a rookie coach in the Far West.

Jillian Small is a coach for the Mammoth Mountain U10.U12 teams.

Stanley Walton award recognizes an outstanding official.
Mike Ginsberg severing as a Ref and TD for many year, being very conscientious and thorough, pay attention to  details and always making a great effort to work WITH the race organizer and never shy to ask for another fence …  and lastly for passing his practical exam and becoming a FIS TD.


Bill Mackay recognizes the outstanding ski racing resort.

Alpine Meadows was able to host events all year in the basin when others were unable; and they did it with great flexibility to even pick up events at a moment’s notice. John Black and Alpine Meadows dedication to ski racing has helped raise the standard for his crew to a high production level. Congratulations and thank you to John Black and the Alpine Meadows area.


Dave McCoy awards the Outstanding Coach of the Year.
Brad Saxe
of Squaw Valley Ski Team is being honored as the outstanding coach of the year for his dedication and guidance of his athletes.

Congratulations to the 2014 Grand Prix Winners


    U21.SR Ladies U21.SR Men
1st $300 Bjorkman, Julia Lambres, Reid
2nd $150 Bird, Elena Barounos, Alex
3rd $100 Wehsener, Alexa Plant, Riley
    U18 Ladies U18 Men
1st $300 Futral, Sabrina Cashman, Jordan
2nd $150 Norton, Brooke Murphy, Sean
3rd $100 Standteiner, Tenaya DeAngelis, Logan

April 9, 2014
U10.U12 Championships Wrap Up

U10/12 Championships were held at Sugarbowl this past weekend with Tahoe experiencing its best powder day of the season two days prior to the event. The U10/12 Championships consisted of four events for each age group; U10’s competed in SL, GS, Big G and Parallel while the U12’s competed in SG, GS, SL and Parallel.

Let’s take a moment to look back on our championship winners:

On the U10 boy’s side: It was Northstar’s Nickco Palamaras taking the top podium honors in the SL and GS. In the SL event Palamaras finished with a very fast combined time of 120.10 seconds, 8 seconds ahead of the 2nd place winner Zack Staudenmeyer of Squaw Valley. Also on the podium in the SL event was Sugarbowl’s Charlie Pantelick taking third. Jacob Nguyen of Diamond Peak placed 4th, William Franklin of  SBST 5th, Marco Brougher of Squaw Valley 6th, Luke Shane of SBST 7th with teammate Alex Robb taking 8th, Marc Durant-Bender of Squaw in 9th and Nate Williams of SSRT in 10th.

Completing the podium for U10 Boys GS event was Mammoth Mountain’s Parker Gummins taking second and teammate Bjorn Karlen in third. CJ Eftekhari of Squaw in 4th, Zack Staudenmayer 5th, Kai Subith 6th, Gino Luchetti 7th, Thomas Pogue 8th, Nate Williams 9th and Lukas Hendricks of SBST taking 10th.

The top of the podium for the U10 Boys Big G was Sugarbowl’s Alex Robb along with teammate Jake McDonald taking third and SSRT’s Thomas Pogue in 2nd. Lucas Hendricks took 4rd, Bjorn Karlen 5th, Parker Gummins 6th, Will Franklin 7th, Zack Staudenmey 8th, Charlie Pantelick 9th and Joseph Standteiner of SBST 10th.

On the Girl’s U10 side: Alpine Meadow’s Sidney Sung topped the podium in SL followed by Mary Davis of Sqaw in 2nd and Brenna Ritchie of Diamond Peak in 3rd. Squaw Valley’s Kacey Benjaminson 4th followed by teammate Ella Williams in 5th. Lauren Sung of Alpine Meadows in 6th followed by Emma Speiser of Squaw in 7th and teammates Seti Capelli 8th, Simone Lapointe 9th and Madeline Thiara in 10th.

For the U10 Girls GS event topping the podium was Squaw Valley’s Emma Speiser, Diamond Peak’s Brenna Ritchie was 2nd followed by Mammoth Mountain’s Chaney Szeto. Madeline Thiara was 4th, Sienna Beeghly of Mammoth 5th, Rylee Rust of Squaw Valley 6th, Mary Davis 7th, Elena Messener of SBST 8th, Carley Hamilton of SVST 9th and Clarwa Pedrazzini of SBST in 10th.

The top of the podium for the Girl’s U10 Big G was once again Squaw Valley’s Emma Speiser followed by her teammate Simone Lapointe, and Heavenly Valley’s Allison Mollen in third. Brenna Ritche took 4th, Carley Hamilton 5th, Izzie Pullen of SBST 6th, followed by teammates Sophie Spokes 7th and Ellie Tunnel 8th, Chaney Szeto 9th and Ella Hartmanis of Alpine taking 10th.

For the U12 Boys Squaw Valley’s Guthrie Goss topped the podium in the SG and SL events and took second in the boys U12 GS event. In the SG event he was followed by SSRT’s Alec Burton and Lance Davenport. Sugarbowl’s Connor Sweeney 4th followed by teammates James Kelly 5th, Luke Hammarskjold 6th, Alexander Grosse 7th, Diamond Peak’s Aiden Pretti 8th, James Spokes of SBST 9th followed by teammate Chilli Messner 10th.

For the Boys U12 GS event Alec Burton topped the  podium and Sugarbowl’s Michael Punchkov in 3rd followed by teammate Conner Sweeny 4th, Danny Kelsay of Squaw 5th, Johann Hudson of SBST 6th, Dylan Thomas 7th, SBST’s Ethan Veghte 8th followed by teammate Caleb Horsh 9th and Squaw’s Brandon Leitner 10th.

The Boys U12 SL event took place on Saturday and Goss was followed by teammate Danny Kelsay in 2nd, SBST’s Michael Punchkov 3rd, Alec Burton 4th, Dylan Thomas 5th, Brandon Leitner 6th, Alexander Grosse 7th, Teagan Turner of SBST 8th, Johann Hudson 9th and Felix Gramanz 10th.

Finally, the U12 Girls results: Sugarbowl’s Georgie Sullivan topped the podium in the SG and GS events. She was followed by her teammate Shannon Watridge and Squaw’s Maile Markham in SG. Neave Anderson of Mammoth 4th, SBST’s Madasyn Mueller 5th, followed by teammate Gabriella Kogler 6th, Squaw’s Karina Maretl 7th, followed by teammate Alia Sinoff 8th, Jillian Larrabee of Sugarbowl 9th and Alpine’s Arnsley Akers 10th.

For the GS event also on the podium was Gabriella Kogler of SBST and Apline’s Aliza Neu. Julia Holm of Squaw took 4th with SBST’s Shannon Watridge in 5th, Squaw Valley’s Lauren Palermo 6th with teammates Michelle Morozinski 7th, Maya Wong 8th, Karina Martel 9th and Mammoth’s Neave Anderson 10th.

For the Girls U12 SL event Squaw Valley’s Lauren Palermo topped the podium followed by teammate Julia Holm and Mia Rathsack in 3rd. Kate Norton 4th, Shannon Watridge 5th, Lauren Speiser 6th, Maya Wong 7th, Eva Turk 8th, Georgie Sullivan 9th and Squaw’s Paloma Nolan-Bowers 10th.

For daily results please see the U10/12 results page as many were top 15 over the four day event. Congratulations on a wonderful weekend of racing.

Cup Winners:
Jeff Todd Sportsmanship
Jacob Nguyen DPST

Richmond Cup U10

Emma Speiser SVST
Nickco Palamaras NSRT

Allan Cup
Georgie Sullivan SBSTA
Guthrie Goss SVST

Rasmussen Team Cup
  Squaw Valley

 April 5, 2014
U14 Championships Wrap Up


Winter has finally set in as we finish out our championship season. The U14 Championships in Mammoth held true to that “spring-winter” we are having. Three out of the four events were held, GS, SL and Parallel. Unfortunately, the SG’s were lost due to snow and wind.

Let’s take a moment to look back on our championship winners:

On the boy’s side: It was Heavenly’s Seth Tyler Olivieri taking the top podium honors in both the SL and the GS, and a third in the Parallel Slalom. Mammoth Mountains Calvin Barrett was top of the podium in the Parallel Slalom, with a 2nd in GS and 3rd in SL, while teammate Cole Williams was 2nd in the Parallel, 6th in the SL and 4th in the GS. Squaw Valley’s Noah Williams placed himself on the podium, in 2nd for the Slalom’s, while taking 6th in the Parallel. Sugar Bowl Ski Team’s Dashiell Prince-Judd taking 4th in both the Slalom and the Parallel and standing on the podium in third for the GS. Mammoth Mountains Sheldon French had a strong weekend with a 7th in Parallel, 6th in SL and 5th in GS, while Diamond Peak’s Noah Cleary was 7th in GS and 9th in Parallel. Team Mountain High’s Casey Felgar, out of the South Series, capped the season off with a 7th in SL, 10th in GS and 10th in Parallel.

On the ladies side of the game it was Diamond Peak’s Belle Johnson with the 1st place in the SL, a 2nd  in the GS and a 3rd  in the Parallel being able to bring home one from each podium spot. Mammoth Mountain’s Eva Yguico with a 2nd in Parallel, and 3rd in GS; and Sugar Bowl’s Alice Robinson standing atop of the GS Podium in first place; while Mammoth’s Mack Carkeet took top honors in the Parallel and a 7th in the GS event.  Northstar’s Zazie Huml strong in the Slalom with a 2nd place podium spot and 5th in the GS.  Alpine Meadow’s Magnolia Neu with a 3rd place podium spot in the SL, finishing the week with a 9th in GS and a 4th in the Parallel.

For daily results please see the U14 results page as many were top 15 over the four day event. Congratulations on a wonderful weekend of racing.

Cup Winners:
McKinney Cup went to Belle Johnson of Diamond Peak Ski Team
Rahlves Cup went to Seth Tyler Olivieri of Heavenly Ski Education Foundation
Andrea Mead Lawrence Sportsmanship award went to Cody Jayne of Mammoth Mountain Ski Team
and the
Cushing Cup went to Mammoth Mountain Ski Team


U14 overall standing winners are:



  North Series U14 Boys       North Series U14 Girls  
1 Dahsiell Prince-Judd SBST   1 AJ Hurt SVST
2 Payton Norton DPST   2 Belle Johnson DPST
3 Erik Eisen MMST   3 Magnolia Neu AMST
4 Seth Tyler Olivieri HSEF   4 Mack Carkeet MMST
5 Charlie Regelbrugge MMST   5 Alice Robinson SBST
6 Cole Williams MMST   6 Zazie Huml NSRT
7 Barrett Calvin MMST   7 Sengen Meyer SVST
8 Noah Cleary DPST   8 Anna Yamauchi SBST
9 Sean Kelly  SVST   9 Sophie Hudson SBST
10 Ethan Maiden SVST   10 Eva Yguico MMST
11 Conner Staley MMST   11 Jillian Ferre SVST
12 Isaac Mozen SVST   12 GG Wattenmaker SVST
13 Sheldon French MMST   13 Andie Gillings SVST
14 Noah Williams SVST   14 Olivia Omar SBST
15 Luke Davenport MMST   15 Anna  Hambrecht SBST
  Central Series U14 boys       Central Series U14 Girls  
1 Action, Blake YWC   1 Law, Ava DRRT
2 Kalia, Jake DRRT   2 Jackson, Dakota CPST
3 Ferrier, Lars CPST   3 Gammariello, Elizabeth CPST
4 Coleman, Ryan CPST   4 Kreuger, Anna DRRT
5 Ferguson, Adian DRRT   5 Ventura, Sophie DRRT
6 Ilic, Matias CPST   6 Cole, Caroline CPST
  South series U14 Boys       South Series U14 Girls  
1 Felgar, Case TMH 1   Williams, Elle SSRT
2 Dowty, Chase SSRT 2   Warren, McKinley SSRT
3 Burton, Zachary SSRT 3   Pirner, Carrie TMH
4 Dobis, Troy SSRT 4   Panina, Lyuda TMH
5 Villain, Alessandro TMH 5   Martinez. Sabrina SSRT
6 Lowther, Michael SSRT 6   Lawrence, McKenzie  SSRT





April 1, 2014
U16 Jr Championships Wrap up - Jackson 

The Far West qualified 46 athletes for the 2014 U16 Jr Championships at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, March 19-23, 2104.

The Far West always comes out with top results at this event and this year was no different. Let's take a look at the top results from the week and a few shots of the fun.



3rd Luke Rodarte   1st Maureen Lebel
6th Spencer Crist
7th Karl Arvidsson   4th Annika Hansen
9th JP Fourie   7th  Keely Cashman
14th  Griffin Knorpp   9th Becka Padgett
15th  Cole Turner   13th Kathleen Smith
      14th Haley Louis
GS     GS  
8th Griffin Knorpp   1st Kathleen Smith
9th JP Fourie   2nd Keely Cashman
      4th Annika Hansen
      11th Pilar Alvarez
SL     SL  
2nd Griffin Knorpp   1st Maureen Lebel
4th JP Fourie   5th Amanda Pretti
5th Cody Underkoffler   6th Keely Cashman
      15th Pilar Alvarez



U16 Jr Champs Team Jackson
U16 JR Champs Girls GS Podium


March 21, 2014
Jeff Wattenmaker Scholarship

Jeff was an avid Masters racer who supported the Masters Scholarship Program and its ideals. Prior to his passing, he generously arranged to donate funds to expand the Masters Scholarship Program and to thereby make available funding for a University education to members of the Program.

The Jeff Wattenmaker Scholarship is a $10,000 scholarship to be used towards college expenses. It will be given out yearly to a member of the Far West Masters Scholarship Program. To be eligible you must be a member of the Far West Masters Scholarship Program already and accepted to an accredited Junior College, University or vocational school for the coming fall. The award will be distributed over 4 years in portions of $2,500 each year, based on the recipient’s continued good standing in school. The recipient will be expected to be a full time student, to carry 12 units per semester, to strive for a 3.5 gpa and to give the Scholarship Program updates on their progress each Summer in order to receive the next award installment. Winners do not have to participate in further athletics of any kind.

Applications will be distributed by the end of March to existing members of the Masters Scholarship Program that will potentially be entering school in the fall. They will be due April 30th.

Awards will be based on a combination of academic scholarship, exemplary work ethic and focus, leadership and citizenship. They are not based on athletic achievement or athletic success.


The application for this scholarship is brief, as all people applying have already applied and have been accepted into the Masters Scholarship Program. Additionally most applicants will have participated in the Masters Program for many years and are therefore well-known to the committee reviewing these applications based on their previous interactions.


  Click her for Scholarship Application

March 6 2014
FWSA Scholarship now open for applicants

The Far West Ski Association Athletic Scholarship Program sponsors scholarships ($500-$1500) to assist USSA licensed junior alpine ski racers. For more information go to the Far West website ( select "Member Corner" and click on "Programs." The deadline for applications is June 30, 2014.

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