2013-2014 Schedule

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Date Event Class Discipline Location Notes/Race Announcements
December 14-15, 2013 Open Series U10.U12 Parallel Kirkwood  POSTPONED
January 4-5, 2014 South Series U10.U12 2 Slalom Snow Summit  race announcement
January 11-12, 2014 North Series U10.U12 2 Slalom Alpine Meadows  race announcement
January 11-12 25-26, 2014 Central Series U10.U12 2 Slalom Bear Valley  race announcement
January 25, 2014 Imagine Italy FW Dinner All ages   Squaw Valley OVL   Ticket order form
January 25-26, 2014 South Series U10.U12 1SL 1GS   2 GS
Mountain High
Snow Summit
 Revised race announcement
February 1-2, 2014 North Series U10.U12 2 Giant Slalom Mt. Shasta Mammoth
 race announcement
February 8-9, 22-23, 2014 Central Series U10.U12 2 Giant Slalom Dodge Ridge  updated race announcement
 Liability Waiver - REQUIRED
February 8-9, 2014
South Series U10.U12 2 GS   1SL 1 GS Snow Summit
Mountain High
 Revised race announcement
February 22-23, 2014 North Series U10.U12 Ski Cross GS.PL
Squaw Valley Revised 2.12.14
Race Announcement and Liability Waiver
March 1-2, 2014 Central Series U10.U12 GS-U10, SG-U12 China Peak Race Announcement and Liability Waiver
March 14-16, 2014 North/South Series U12 1 TR. 2 SG Mammoth Race Announcement
SG Training day on Friday is required
March 22-23, 2014 Central Series U10.U12 2 Slalom Badger Pass.YWC  race announcement
April 3-6, 2014 Championships U10.U12 SL.GS.SG.PL Sugar Bowl  Waiver and Race Announcement     Clothing Order Form
April 11-13, 2014 Open Series U12.U14 SG camp/race Mammoth  Race Announcement

Open Series = Entire div.

may attend, does not count

towards series


  FW Late Fee   $15 Per Race    
SR-U16 SL/GS $35 per start U14/12/10 SL/GS/PL/Kombi $25 per start  
SR-U16 SG & DH $42 per start U14/12/10 SG   $30 per start  
DH Training per day  $30 per start U14/12/10 SG Training per day $20 per start  
FIS $42 per start        

Entry Fees for 2013/2014:
These are fixed entry fees. These fees are updated as of the 2013/2014 season and reviewed annually.
Write one check and fill out one entry card for each day/race, or enter each day via alpinereg.com

2013-2014 REFUND POLICY:
For events cancelled prior or the during the first scheduled team captain's meeting there will be a complete refund of paid entry and speed training runs.
For technical events cancelled by the jury on the day of competition the organizer will be able to keep$5.00 for a U14/U12/U10 race.
For speed event(s) cancelled anytime during the official program dates by the jury the organizer will be able to keep $10.00 for U14/U12 Races.
It is the racer's responsibility to inform the race organizer in writing, by fax or email, that he/she will not be able to take part in the race(s). The last chance to remove a racer from the field is at the team captain's meeting, held the afternoon/evening before the race. Racers who appear on the start list and do not take part in the race(s) will forfeit the entry fee(s).