Standings & Selections

Some Far West competitions are part of race series either designed to select athletes for higher level events or for season-long awards in each age class.  This page includes a summary of these series.  Also, all FIS competitions are entered by selection only.  This page contains links to various FIS Selections and subsequent accept/decline decisions.  Click the links below to take you to a specific topic.

Western Region FIS Race Selections
Western Region Junior Championship Selection Board
Western Region U16 Regional Championships  Qualifier Standings
Western Region U14 Regional Championships Qualifier Standings
Far West Grand Prix Standings

Western Region FIS Race Selections 

Selections will be posted for each applicable series at the date as designated in the Far West manual.

Western Region Jr. Championships Selection Board  

The U21/U19 Western Region Junior Championships selections use a regional selection board method which includes results of designated qualifiers.  The appropriate columns on the selection board are updated after each qualifier series and results are published to keep everyone informed.  

The qualifiers are completed and results will be compiled including the USSA points list columns which only includes eligible athletes who participated in each event.  The boards will be posted and the results linked below.

                                               Men's    Women's

Far West Grand Prix Series  

The current standings for the 2016 Season can be found at these links:

  Men   Women  (FINALIZED 5.5.16)

This is the elite series in the Far West for SR to U19 athletes.  Combined season-long champions are awarded scholarships to be used toward racing expenses in the following season for U19 Men and Women.  Winners are awarded the following:

Overall Champion $600 scholarship
2nd Place $300 scholarship
3rd Place $200 scholarship

The calculations are done using total, cumulative World Cup Points (WCP) earned in every race of the Grand Prix Seris.  The series includes the WR Jr Champs Qualifier SG's, SL's and, GS's, plus SL, GS and SG in the SRS-U16 Far West Championships.

The places are determined by adding up the total World Cup Points earned during ALL the races.  Each race is scored for U19 classes by gender.  Foreign, out of division and U16 participants in each race are removed and results are scored by class.

U16 Junior Championships Qualifier ("Wild West") Series

The USSA U16 Junior Championships is a championship event for racers ages 14 and 15 from the five divisions of the Western Region.
The Far West fills the quota based on results from U16-only qualifier races in Slalom, GS and Super G.  There are three separate weekends, each with three races scheduled.  Athletes are able to use the best 5 results out of the 9 races in the series scored using "World Cup Points".  Once the qualifiers are over the standings will be posted online.

STANDINGS:  Men     Women